Yamaha Moto Cage Six Concept

Written by Lenin Paul

The Yamaha Moto Cage Six Concept is the kind of machine that will even make a guy like Mike Metzger drop his jaw all the way to the curb.

yamaha cage six xl Yamaha Moto Cage Six Concept

Yamaha has created a work of art by spawning this incredible bike that is sure to set the tongues of the biking world, wagging and send other bikers into a deep slump of solitude and despair as it is only a concept.  At a glance, it is obvious that it is stunt-bike inspired and ready to do battle at the drop of a hat. It has been developed from the Yamaha XJ6N. This bike will make a lot of noise, judging by its appearance and performance. Its design with the exposed framework and yellow trimming is vibey and in-your-face.

Yamaha Moto Cage Six Concept BonjourLife.com Yamaha Moto Cage Six Concept

It features some full-on modifications to the rear tail fairing, modified footpegs, upgraded wheelsets, heavy-duty front and rear brakes, as well as revised gearing. We suggest you give this one a miss if you prefer to travel incognito.


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