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Best Tech for Your Home

Written by Paris Philippou

The addition of cool tech to any home automatically spruces the place up, significantly. Good home tech can make things more fun, convenient or both. Idle time seems less idle and moments of boredom become few far in-between. The following items are ingenious, highly useful and definitely are a benchmark for home tech. This is definitely some of the best techs for your home!

Krups EA9000 Automatic Espresso Machine

Best Tech for Your Home

Owning the Krups EA9000 Automatic Espresso Machine can be likened to having a live-in barista. It makes grade-A coffees, from espressos to lattes. The consistency of the drink is amazing and your hot beverages are churned out in no time. Bound to make you a coffee snob.

Victor Johansson Ceramic Stereo

Best Tech for Your Home

This is a smartphone audio controller that seeks to make wireless connectivity and communication a lot easier and graspable. It is used to stream music from your smartphone. Also use it to activate the Play, Pause and Radio functions, depending on where about on the Victor Johansson Ceramic Stereo, it is placed. The smartphone can be connected using an audio-cable or even Bluetooth to an amplifier.

Light-Up Memo Note Timer Pins

Best Tech for Your Home

Light-Up Memo Note Timer Pins are the solution to your time or task management problems. These pins are used to ensure that the right memo at a certain time grasps your attention. Set a time and the pin will light up when the specified time arrives. It is a blessing for managing tasks.

Stelle Audio’s Pillar Speaker

This very stylish speaker by Stelle Audio has been designed in the shape of a cylinder. Use it to stream music directly from your mobile. Its Bluetooth connectivity will also enable users to use their speakers to listen to calls. They occupy minimal space and they produce great sound.

Xbox One

Best Tech for Your Home

Microsoft Xbox One is a good reason to never leave home. This is an all-in-one entertainment system that allows you to switch between watching television or movies, listening to music, browsing the web and even playing games. The best part is you will not need to press a button to do so as it utilises voice prompts.


Best Tech for Your Home

The UE Boom is a wireless speaker that is manufactured by Ultimate Ears. This speaker gets much of its appeal from an ability to produce 360 degrees sound. In other words, regardless of where the speaker is facing, the music will have more or less the same impact on everybody in the room. An added plus is it is stain-proof and water-resistant.

Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker

Best Tech for Your Home

The extra bit of foamy froth on the top of your beer or better known as the head always makes your beer look so much more appetising. The Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker does exactly what the name proclaims to do – create more froth. By using ultrasonic oscillation, the gadget produces fine bubbles – hence the froth effect.


Best Tech for Your Home

The very cool Bartendo great for any home and is an incredible addition to any party. This portable robotic drinks dispenser has an ability to handle up to 200 drinks per session. You can also program drink recipies into it. The novelty factor has immense longevity, it looks superbly trendy and the best part is you can pass on tipping it without feeling guilty.

Nest Thermostat

Best Tech for Your Home

This little bugger is an overly intelligent thermostat that actually analyses your behaviour patterns and acts accordingly. For example if at a certain time you adjust the temperature to a certain level consistently, it will then follow suit. If you exhibit a break in trend, it will try to further understand your pattern. It seeks to save energy and can be controlled remotely via a Wi-Fi connection. It can actually lower your energy bill by up to 20%.

Firefly Blue Laser Lamp

Best Tech for Your Home

This one has Blade Runner written all over it. Looking to give your room a sci-fi feel to it? Well you easily can if you own a Firefly Blue Laser Lamp. It emits hundreds of blue laser lights flying around you. This lamp looks like a giant dice and is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Trex R.C. Robot Lawn Mower

Best Tech for Your Home

Mowing the lawn can be a real drag, however, the Trex R.C. Robot Lawn Mower makes this annoying task a lot easier while having a bit of fun in the process. This remote-controlled machine will cut the lawn for you an all you have to do is find a spot to relax and control it. It weighs about 540 pounds and it can even tackle slopes that are as steep as 50 degrees.

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