Cool Rider–Riding Suave

Written by Brianna Smity

Enough with those dorky motorised vehicles for one, the Cool Rider is a motorised unit that will get you around while you still look cool.


Truth be told, other single rider motorised vehicles look a bit on the silly side – you are not going to feel like a stud whizzing around on a Segway. Well, the Cool Rider is a saving grace in that regard as you can ride it is and still look like the man. You can manoeuvre it with one arm and still nonchalantly cop a cool pose. That may sound a little silly but that is the reality and brilliance of the Cool Rider.


Stylistically it appears to be a mash-up of a sled and a kick-push scooter. The single front wheel is a lot larger than the two hind wheels. Attached to the front wheel is a long tubular handle as well as the motor, which powers this fantastic ride and gets you up to a top speed of a 12mph. The motor runs off a rechargeable battery that will get you and hour of ride-time on a full charge. Its battery pack is detachable and can be plugged into a wall socket and it fits back on with the minimal effort. The nature of the Cool Rider is exactly why it has that epic name – it’s all about riding coolly. The Cool Rider can be purchased for $1 250 online here.


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