Japanese Luxury Sleeper Train for Japanese Tours

Written by Lenin Paul

According to East Japan Railway Company, they will offer the service of a luxury sleeper train in the Tohoku and Shinetsu region by Spring 2016.

Japanese Luxury Sleeper Train for Japanese Tours

The train is going to be quiet posh with each car in the new sleeper train containing between two and three compartments. There will also be a car for lounging and a separate one for dining. Unfortunately, a ticket should cost more than $2,000. The three-day, two-night trip, which will begin at Tokyo Station, with commuters travelling in the lap of luxury.

The train is going to make use of a non-utility diesel electricity generating system – a first for Japan. This means that the train can move even with the absence of electricity from overhead power lines. It also will enable it to operate within the local lines in scenic areas that do not have the necessary power.

Japanese Luxury Sleeper Train for Japanese Tours

The luxury sleeper train may even operate outside areas such as Hokkaido and Hokuriku. East Japan Railway Company will use Industrial designer, Kiyoyuki Okuyama to design the exterior and interior of the train and it will mainly target tourists. This should do wonders for the Japanese tourism sector.

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