The Corvette ZR1 has inspired a speedboat that could at first glance be mistaken for the zooty speedster itself. The ZR48 MTI was built as a homage to the Corvette ZR1 and is faithful to the original styling and roaring engine power.

ZR48 MTI Corvette Speedboat 1 The ZR48 MTI Corvette Speedboat

The ZR48MTI was built from GM parts and sports the signature Corvette shape, taillights and headlights. The boat is made of carbon fibre and has a powerful duo of forced-induction Mercury Marine V8 power plants that put out 1 350 horses (1 007kW) each.

ZR48 MTI Corvette Speedboat 2 The ZR48 MTI Corvette Speedboat

The interior can accommodate up to six people and a special feature pushes out an amazing 8000 watt sound system, along with an Apple TV and mobile WiFi. With extra luxuries like an onboard bar, chill area and the necessary safety equipment, the ZR48MTI is a true embodiment of Corvette’s lavishness.