Milanese coachbuilder Zagato has teamed up with BMW and created the magnificent BMW Zagato Coupé.

BMW Zagato Coupe 6 500x321 The BMW Zagato Coupé

This one-off model is the product of many hours of skilled hand-craftsmanship. The appeal of a concept vehicle has been injected into the street vehicle, which is rare.

“Working with Zagato was a fantastic experience. It was extremely enriching for us to create something with people who share our understanding of good design and passion for cars,” explains Karim Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles.


The body of the BMW Zagato Coupé has been built entirely by hand. As in the past, the new skin was tailored to fit the car’s mechanical architecture, tracing its lines yet giving it space to breathe.

The extremely long bonnet, greenhouse set well back and double-bubble roof and Kamm Tail sum up the dynamic focus of the car as only a coupé could. The flowing roofline melts away into the compact, muscular rear, where the car’s power is transferred to the road. This sculptural and visually striking surface treatment is a Zagato hallmark and lends the BMW Zagato Coupé a distinctive and instantly recognisable personality.

BMW Zagato Coupe 8 500x375 The BMW Zagato Coupé

A pair of air intakes integrated into the bonnet sends extra supplies of air into the engine compartment and highlight the presence of the high-performance engine. It looks like a juiced Z4 and would be a dream to own this bad boy.

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