2010 Audi RS5

Written by Brianna Smity
A new Audi RS model has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show! The RS5 is a high-revving 4.2-litre V8 coupe that unleashes over 330kws through its seven-speed S-Tronic gearbox straight onto the tarmac.

Audi RS5 3 2010 Audi RS5

A lot of fine-tuning has been implemented on the V8, which is a close relative of the V10 that powers the much-acclaimed Audi R8. It also has the direct fuel injection that is common in most of the Audi petrol engines and is straight off the Le Mans-winning race car.

The 4.2 FSI propels the coupe’s 1.7 tons from standing to 100km/ hour in 4.6 seconds and will continue accelerating until it hits 250km/ hour which is it’s electronically governed top speed (Audi can increase that to 280 km/hour upon request). All this is power yet Audi is still able to achieve a very impressive fuel efficiency of 10.8 litres per 100km.

Audi has spared nothing in terms of design and has really stuck to the aggressive style of all the other RS models. A little flare has been added with a spoiler in the tailgate that automatically rises at 120km/hour and retracts at 80km/hour.

Audi RS5 11 2010 Audi RS5

The vehicle’s sporty design extends into the interior with its sports seats which have standard pronounced side sections and integrated head restraints. The steering wheel has a substantial rim and is covered with perforated leather. The instruments have black gauges and white lettering with distinctive scaling. The driver information system integrates a lap timer for recording circuit times and an oil temperature gauge. The interior is black and the decorative inlays are made of carbon fibre.

This car definitely lays claim to the sports coupe crown with what it has to offer. What do you think?

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