When you need to pack heavy but travel fast, the Australian made Tvan trailer is exactly what you need.

Track Tvan Camper Trailer 2 Tvan Trailers

Never again will you associate the word trailer with hillbillies in wife-beaters. This trailer is a straight-up class act and A-grade product of ingenuity. The Caravan Industry Association awarded it the “Camper Trailer of the Millennium”.

Many industry specialists consider it the best camper-trailer in the world. Its highly durable shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride. It includes a 70-litre water tank.

Track Tvan Camper Trailer 1 Tvan Trailers

The Tvan makes use of durable riveted steel and aluminium construction that has been tested under intense and harsh conditions. Cabins are dust and waterproof. The suspension is customisable to match the wheel and tyres on your tow vehicle.

There are four models to suit your vehicle’s capabilities, camping preferences and budget. The Yulara is an ultra-light, eco-camper, while the Tanami, Canning and Murranji offer more standard features and additional storage options.