The Shirt Shuttle

Written by Brianna Smity

The Shirt Shuttle is a clever travel companion that ensures your garments are protected and wrinkle-free. It’s ideal for men and women and a must-have for the businessman on the move.

The Shirt Shuttle 4 The Shirt Shuttle

The Shuttle is a Hardcase that minimizes wrinkles, which means no more ironing dress shirts in your hotel room. It’s convenient, practical and perfect for those who travel a lot. The lightweight shuttle is waterproof and easy to use – when you return home it can be stored away in a closet or used as a handy folding board.

Shirt Shuttle Demonstration from Commuter Technologies on Vimeo.

The Shirt Shuttle 1 150x150 The Shirt Shuttle

The Shirt Shuttle 4 150x150 The Shirt Shuttle

The Shirt Shuttle 5 150x150 The Shirt Shuttle

The Shirt Shuttle 6 150x150 The Shirt Shuttle

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