Libratone Lounge

Written by Paris Philippou

You love your movies and music so obviously you want the biggest and best sound system out there, right? Well, size is not necessarily everything – especially in the case of the Libratone Lounge system.

Libratone Lounge

Scandinavian tech gurus have come up with a simple, small and powerful solution, the Libratone Lounge system. It’s perfect for any living room, designed to work wireless with your iDevices and easily connected to your TV via a mini-jack/digital plug.

And it gets better. You can improve your Libratone Lounge speaker through a specially designed App. The App allows you to enhance and customise the full room experience. By feeding the App information on the placement of your sound system, it automatically adjusts the sound to fit your room resulting in 360 degrees sound.

The Lounge is available in four colours and features five amplifiers with a 150W output to an 8-inch inverted woofer, two ceramic midranges and two ribbon-based tweeters.

Check out the Libratone Facebook Page or follow them on Twitter @Libratone.

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