LG Optimus 3D Mobile

Written by Paris Philippou

If you thought you had the world’s smartest phone, think again!

LG have unveiled the world’s first full 3D smartphone, the LG Optimus 3D handset, at the 2011 Mobile World Congress – offering consumers a full 3D experience in the palm of their hands! That sounds pretty smart to us!

LG Optimus 3D 500x357 LG Optimus 3D Mobile

This highly anticipated LG Optimus 3D mobile phone addresses the lack of 3D content worldwide by providing users with a dual-lens camera for 3D recording so users have the power to create and produce their very own 3D multimedia material. This, LG’s most advanced smartphone to date, offers a complete 3D platform and a glasses-free 3D viewing experience on its LCD panel (meaning you no longer have to wear oversized 3D glasses to see a 3D-enabled mobile world). It also features diverse connectivity options such as HDMI and DLNA for instant 3D content sharing anytime and anywhere.

3D is no longer a futuristic possibility; it is a real-life interactive solution in your hand!

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