JVC is taking music on the move to a new level with Kaboom! the boombox with attitude. The new RV-NB70 has a dock for your iPhone or iPod, CD player, USB host and FM tuner.JVC Kaboom 500x294 JVC Goes Kaboom!

An additional feature, the composite out, allows you to check out your dance moves or enjoy movies on your iPod or iPhone with a TV screen. Your iPod or iPhone will also be safe while docked thanks to a protective door. The USB host can be used for playback on mass storage devices or USB flash drives. This is all powered by a whopping 40 watts of power.

If you are musically inclined, plug in a guitar or mic and you’ve got an amp ready to rock the party. The twin Super Woofers will ensure that you have a sweet deep bass sound. You can either play the guitar through the Kaboom! or sing along to backing tracks – either way, it’s a cool piece of musical equipment to have whether you are at home, holiday or cruising around with friends.

The Kaboom! is making sure that the ghetto blaster does not go out of fashion and that music stays well within reach of any impromptu party, street performance or if you are a fan of the fad, karaoke!