Great Gifts for Runners

Written by Paris Philippou

We’re all living in a modern age, and let’s face it, while small tokens of appreciations like a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers will always be appreciated, sometimes there’s just something more that we can give to those special people in our lives. This Valentine’s Day, don’t just settle for those tired old gifts – give your beloved something more practical. Does the love of your life like to run? Well, you’re in luck! Even if they look like they have all the running equipment, gizmos and clothing that they could ever need, think outside the box and buy them an app or a gift card to help them mix their training up a little with the latest innovative app.

Great Gifts for Runners

Back in August Samsung announced a new partnership with Nike+ and launched a new app for the Samsung Gear S. This ingenious app is the perfect present for runner friends as it utilizes the built-in 3G and Bluetooth connectivity of the Samsung Gear S and Nike promises that this is the ultimate in running apps.

The Samsung Gear S’s main redeeming feature, its “ergonomically fit design” fits perfectly with a running app such as Nike+ that will help runners strive to achieve goals, communicate with its user base of fellow runners and various training methods.

With the compatibility of the Samsung Gear S, runners can leave their phones at home and still be able to map runs, follow routes and attempt to achieve the goals they have previously set. The user can also view the running metrics such as what speed, the distance they have achieved and their current heart rate.

As presents go, everything mentioned in this article is a worthy present for a runner regardless of your budget. Going digital seems to be the way right now, and as many runners seek advice via apps, this seems a great present for someone with similar running interests.

With 2015 already moving along swiftly, this probably won’t be the only partnership that Nike makes with a leading cell phone distribution company in the not too distant future.

The market place for apps is more competitive than ever with Google Play and the App Store generating reported profits of $26 billion last year according to Gartner. And with Gaming Realms, the developers of portal Spin Genie documenting that mobile Internet is the most powerful digital trend around at present, this just reaffirms that the likelihood is Nike will be even more aggressive in the market in 2015.

So, whether you purchase this app for a friend now, or hold off until later in 2015, Nike+ will continue to improve its running apps to help motivate everyone to keep pounding those miles in the winter months.

If however you have more than one gift to buy this Christmas for runners or you want to lavish your friend/s with several gifts, here are a couple more ideas for this winter season.

iPod Nano

Not specifically tailored for runners, it is however the perfect companion while on a long run. The Nano is now packaged in a tiny 1.54” frame that retails for around $179 (R2,199). Like its counterpart the iPhone, it predominantly touches screen-based and is the ideal platform to have your running playlists stored in. Because it is so small, the iPod Nano has become so popular across the world due to its practicability.

Polar M400 GPS Watch

If you want an alternative to the aforementioned Samsung Gear S, how about the Polar M400 GPS Watch? It retails at around $200 (R2,999) and can be adapted to running, biking and any other track event. The watch has been designed to sync with the award-winning Polar Flow app, which allows users to keep tabs on all their workout routines. Other functionalities include keeping track of the user’s heart rate with its heart-rate strap monitor.

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