Mobile displays appear to be getting bigger but no matter how big they get, they can always be bigger.


It is undeniable that a bigger display makes your videos and snaps so much more aesthetically pleasing. The Fraunhofer Mini Projector may be released in a few years if all goes well for them. It is a mini projector that will project a considerably larger picture from your mobile’s display. The projected display is emitted horizontally (e.g. if the cell phone is standing on a table it can project a large-format display onto the table’s surface).


Marvellously, the user will have the opportunity to even operate the phone via the projected interface by swiping your finger over it. The projector is convenient and compact measuring only a dismissive 2 x 2cm.

The technology that has been implemented into the Fraunhofer Mini Projector is cutting edge. Each unit consists of hundreds of tiny micro projectors in an array and each one of them generates a complete image. Unfortunately, the projector will only be available in about three years from now to ensure that high pixel density is met.