Five Reasons Why You Should Get the iPad

Written by Paris Philippou

There is no doubt you have heard all the buzz about the iPad. The excitement hasn’t answered one simple question, however. “Should I get an iPad?”

We have five reasons why you should:

iPad Five Reasons Why You Should Get the iPad

Reason One:

iTunes comes ready, out the box, and will allow you to have a multimedia device better than any other “entertainment” device, including Apple’s own iPod. iTunes gives you access to music, video, podcasts and apps.

Reason Two:

The one thing that separates the iPad from other tablets is its performance; it is fast and responsive, and much like the iPhone, it has even got the “mac haters” commenting on how fast it is.

Reason Three:

Portable video is becoming more and more popular and the iPad gives the ultimate balance between video quality and portability. You could watch full-featured flicks such as the upcoming “man” movies (link to article) from anywhere.

Reason Four:

It is an e-reader. Read every type of e-book format including the highly acclaimed Kindle. You will also be reading the books in vibrant colour instead of the e-ink you get with other e-readers.

Reason Five:

The best feature of the iPad must be the gaming ability. You immediately have access to thousands of titles, some of them allowing motion gaming via the accelerometer. This is more than just a PSP or a Nintendo DS, so it is definitely something to look at.

Can you think of any other reasons why people should get their hands on an iPad? Let us know in the comments below.

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