Behringer has released the newest addition to their impressive range of sound equipment – the iNuke Boom is the ideal gift for music lovers.Behringer iNuke Boom 1 Behringer iNuke Boom

The iNuke Boom is, according to Behringer, the world’s loudest iPhone, iPad and iPod dock pumping out 10 000w of power. The 8-foot wide, 4-foot tall and 700-pound iNuke has a stereo 3-way system, twin 18-inch subwoofers, dual 12-inch neodymium woofers, two 1,75-inch titanium diaphragm HF drivers, iNuke power boost mode all encased in a rugged body.Behringer iNuke Boom 2 Behringer iNuke BoomThe iNuke will set you back quite a bit though, expect to pay around US$30 000 for this gadget – if the price doesn’t blow you away, the exceptional sound quality and technology will! Check out the Behringer Facebook Page for more information.