Get more banging sound for your bucks with Bang & Olufsen’s Form 2 headphones. These cans can pump out some serious sound without disturbing your neighbours, all while letting some of the surrounding area audio slip gently into the background.Bang Olufsen Form 2 1 500x332 Bang & Olufsen Form 2

While the thought of hearing ambient sound around you might seem annoying, that could save your life if you are cruising around on your bike and there’s traffic behind or around you and you’re listening to conventional headphones.


The semi-configuration design will not interfere with your music but will let you still feel like you know what’s going on around you even when chilling to your favourite tunes. The Bang & Olufsen Form 2 are super lightweight weighing in at only 68g which means you don’t feel like an idiot with a brick on your head whenever you venture out for a walk.


Form 2 headphones are easily adjusted to fit like a glove and are durable, a tell-tale quality of all Bang & Olufsen products. Team the headphones with your BeoSound 3 or BeoVision 4 and you’re in for one hell of an audio treat. Check out Bang & Olufsen’s Facebook Page to keep up to date with all their funky products.