A Solar Charger You Want to Keep with You

Have you ever been stuck in a situation when one of the electronic devices you rely on, be it your digital camera, smartphone, eBook or laptop, runs out of the power it requires to operate and you are left stranded because the closest power outlet is in the next town, about 50 kilometres away? Quite a few of you probably would have been stuck in a situation like this a few times and have probably often looked for alternative sources of power.


There are a few devices that you could use that do the job well but are not really sustainable. Take the old school “kinetic energy” type devices where you sat down for an hour whilst spinning the lever to give you enough talk-time to say “goodnight” to your loved one. If you were not into that you could always get a spare battery or even a device that you charge which is then used to charge your devices at a later stage.

Either way, you look at it, it’s not the best way to keep you up and running. That’s what makes the Freeloader Professional Solar Charger such a powerful and handy device. It relies on the sun (which is mostly around) on, it does not require hard labour and it can fully charge a camera and a phone and then be recharged to be used again.


It is made from aluminium and finished in a stylish “piano” black. The metallic push button, “Power Halo”, indicates how much power is remaining in the Freeloader Pro’s battery. It also weighs a mere 68 grams which is too light not to take everywhere.

Get it at Mantality for R1,199.00 incl. VAT.

• The Freeloader Pro is a professional solar panel unit with an internal battery.
• Inbuilt display shows you how much power is left in the internal battery.
• Weighing only 174g means this gadget is portable enough to take anywhere.
• The CamCaddy is the adjustable attachment that can be used with the Freeloader Pro to charge most DSLR and Cam Corder batteries. Check whether your camera is compatible here. This device weighs 68 grams.
• It keeps your camera working wherever you are.
• The spring-loaded sidebar holds the camera battery in position.
• Charging pins are adjustable to fit nearly every type of camera battery.
• 4 LEDs indicate battery charge status.

Pack includes:
• Freeloader Pro.
• CamCaddy.
• USB connector/ power lead.
• A carry pouch for the Freeloader.
• 10 charger adapters.
• A detailed user manual.

Compatible Devices (including their run time when connected to the Freeloader):
• Nokia mobile phones and smartphones with both standard and mini charge sockets (70 hours).
• All current Samsung mobile phones and smartphones (70 hours).
• All current LG mobile phones and smartphones (70 hours).
• All current Sony Ericsson handsets (70 hours).
• iPod, iPhone, iTouch (28 hours).
• Motorola handsets (70 hours).
• Blackberry handsets (70 hours).
• Most other smartphones with a USB socket (70 hours).
• Any device powered by a USB charge cable.
• Nintendo DS Lite (4 hours).
• Sony PSP (4 hours).
• Archos handheld media players (3-4 hours).
• Most MP4 players (3-4 hours).
• Most PDAs (35 hours).
• Portable DVD Players (3-4 hours).
• E-Book readers (5,000 page turns).
• Any device with a 4mm power socket.
• Compact Digital Cameras (100% charge using the CamCaddy).
• Digital SLR Cameras (80%-90% charge using the CamCaddy).
• Digital Camcorders (80%-90% using the CamCaddy).

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