EFC Africa 02

Written by Brianna Smity

On Wednesday evening, 10 March 2010, 24 of South Africa’s fiercest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters prepared themselves for the toughest fight of their lives and then battled it out in the cage. EFC Africa, the extreme fighting championship, practically sold out the massive arena at the Coca-Cola Dome, with 4150 locals attending the fighting phenomenon. Never before has a MMA event in South Africa been so well attended. “We have smashed all past attendance records for the sport,” says EFC Africa director Cairo Howarth. “Our live event attracts more people than boxing, proving that MMA is now a mainstream sport in South Africa.”


As the up-coming fighters’ interviews were played before each fight on the massive screens above the cage and throughout the venue, the tension was palpable with the audience literally sitting on the edge of their seats. “EFC Africa is a professional sporting event, but most of our visitors come for the entertainment. It is one hell of a night out,” says Howarth.

The night saw 12 of what has been described by MMA fight scene insiders as the most highly-anticipated and well matched-up fights ever to be held in the country. Some of the more notable fights of the night included Gareth McLellan knocking out Juan Lubbe, in, unquestionably, the biggest knockout of the night.


The fight between Lance Ceronio and Chet Meyer gets a firm mention as it was one of the most intense fights of the night with the two exchanging some large punches and technical skills. Chett managed a great elbow to Lance’s head leaving him with a nasty cut, but it was Lance who managed a win soon after with a submission.

A huge crowd favourite was the fight between local Jo’burg fighter, Darren Daniel, who settled a long-standing grudge with his opponent Jacques Joubert. The fight ended with an overwhelming technical knockout in the first round going to Darren Daniel.

The most technical fight of the night was the match between Port Elizabeth’s Chris Bright and Jo’burg’s Nathan Raths. The fight lasted late into the third and final round and saw Bright beat his opponent by submission with a rear-naked choke.

The main event of the night between Danie Van Heerden and Norman Wessels also kept spectators on the edge of theirs seats as the two fighters went into the first round hard and looking for a quick end to the fight. Wessels won the fight after his impressive domination into the second round.

This was the second instalment of the EFC Africa events on local soil, with the first event, EFC Africa 01, launched in November last year with just over 3000 visitors. Due to the massive success of the event and the huge public interest, as well as the almost daily dedicated television coverage on DSTV’s SuperSport channels, the organisers will be hosting fight nights every two months in Johannesburg and are planning to take it to other big cities around the country and the continent.

Fight Results from EFC Africa 02:

Fight 1
Richard Quan vs. Luis Mendes
Winner: Richard Quan
Round 1 Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Fight 2
Wentzel Nel vs. Terrance Gressil
Winner: Wentzel Nel

Fight 3
Garreth McLellan vs. Jean Lubbe
Winner: Gareth McLellan
Round 1 K.O.

Fight 4
Remo Ralph vs. Nolan Swanepoel
Winner: Nolan Swanepoel
Round 1 Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Fight 5
Lance Ceronio vs. Chett Meyer
Winner: Lance Ceronio
Round 2 Submission (Guillotine)

Fight 6
Leo Gloss vs. Paul De Vos
Winner: Leo Gloss
Round 2 Knockout

Fight 7
Barry Duncan vs. Leon Mynhardt
Winner: Barry Duncan
Round 1 Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Fight 8
JP Joubert vs. Bernardo Mikixi
Winner: Bernardo Mikixi
Round 1 K.O.

Fight 9
Dino Bagattin vs. Adam Speechly
Winner: Adam Speechly
Round 1 Submission ( Rear Naked Choke)

Fight 10
Darren Daniel vs. Jacques Joubert
Winner: Darren Daniel
Round 1 T.K.O.

Fight 11
Nathan Raaths vs. Chris Bright
Winner: Chris Bright
Round 3 Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Fight 12
Danie Van Heerden vs. Norman Wessels
Winner: Norman Wessels
Round 2 T.K.O.

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