Dual Snowboards

Written by Lenin Paul

Dual Snowboards are basically a snowboard that comes in two pieces so it is a different twist to conventional snowboarding.

The essence of Dual Snowboards allows you to take in the best of skiing and snowboarding. As your legs are no longer fixed to a single board, you get a lot more freedom. The trick related possibilities are endless.

Dual Snowboards

As dynamic as the concept is, you cannot help but wonder why you did not think of it first. The principal of providing separate boards for your feet have just added a whole new dimension to action snow sports.


As your feet are not locked in, you can walk when necessary as opposed to inconveniently taking off your board at times. Dual Snowboards feature your usual regular snowboard elements (sintered base, poplar wood core, ABS sidewalls, stainless steel edges etc.).  Practice your 50/50 grinds and ravage the slalom, experiment, then make up your own tricks.


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