If the waves are calling and the conditions are perfect, you have to get out there as soon as possible. You need to get your board and hit the backline and that is where Sling from Curve comes in handy. No missions, no issues, just grab and go.Curve Surfboard Sling 1 500x415 Curve Surfboard Sling The Sling from Curve, is an accessory designed to “grab” your board thanks to an extremely simple carry system – a shoulder strap. A number of comfortable padded fittings help you to handle your board comfortably while protecting the rails – and for those necessary bits and pieces, the Sling includes a handy large secure pocket that comfortably fits a wetsuit, towels or other essentials.

Curve Surfboard Sling 2 500x339 Curve Surfboard Sling

The Curve Sling is a pre-shaped sling that wraps comfortably yet snugly and secured around any board and there are no buckles involved, which means less fussing and more surfing. It is lightweight and easy to carry via the hand-grip, by attaching the shoulder strap, or connection to another Curve favourite, the Boardcarry Backpack.

The Sling fits all standard shortboards (including mini-mals) with a maximum width of 21.5 inches, which means it can fit two shortboards with a maximum combined width of 42 inches. The Sling also fits all standard longboards with a maximum width of 24 inches. It can even carry along and shortboard with a maximum combined width of 42 inches.