Bakkies Botha’s Headbutt on Jimmy Cowan

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Written by Brianna Smity

Bakkies has done it again and got himself right into the thick of things. He is notorious for his discreet and not so legal tactics on the field of play; he has that ability to pull these moves on the field without the referee noticing. What Bakkies sometimes fails to realise is that television replays are available and you can now be sighted and held accountable for anything you do on the field.

The incident that happened on Saturday between Bakkies Botha and Jimmy Cowan is just one of those incidents where Bakkies will now have to pay for not keeping his cool. In all fairness, Jimmy Cowan is also guilty, but not only did Bakkies give away a penalty, but he now faces a nine-week ban and the reality is that he will not play any further part in the 2010 Tri-Nations.


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