So you have an affinity for tennis but you are a lummox when it comes to the elegant game.


Perhaps you should consider getting a Babolat Play and Connect Interactive Racquet. The Racquet will undoubtedly tighten up your game no matter how awkward your coordination maybe. It is almost like having a personal tennis coach.

The handle contains sensors that capture data on the user’s technique and it can be later downloaded on to a tablet, smartphone, p.c etc. It is the first racquet to contain MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology. The racquet will pick up on your rights and wrongs, hereby rectifying the bad habits. You can view information live or critique yourself later.

It has received praise from prominent tennis players such as Rafael Nadal. The Babolat Play and Connect Interactive Racquet may not take you to Wimbledon but it will definitely make you look a lot sharper on the court. To keep up with the latest Babolat news, visit the Babolat Facebook Fan Page.