Labyrinth Aquarium

Written by Lenin Paul

The Labyrinth Aquarium is a completely novel approach to the usual conventional aquarium. No longer is having an oversized super-duper aquarium with expensive fish who usually croak at the drop of a hat that cool.

Labyrinth Aquarium 500x314 Labyrinth Aquarium

This item, however, is damn cool. And the bonus part is you can fill it with good old fashion goldfish and it will still look impressive. It is a series of fishbowl-like domes that are interlinked with pipes and is ideal for freshwater tropical fish. It comes with an impressive programmable lighting system, silk plants, fish-friendly features and filters.

It is however quite a process to clean the Labyrinth Aquarium and the price tag is steep, but you’ll be sitting pretty when all the girls are oohing and ahh-ing around this funky decor piece. Just remember to feed the fish, keep it clean and you’ll be the king of your castle.

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