Curt Deck Chair

Written by Lenin Paul

Whatever you do, from dressing up to even sitting down, always keep it trendy, the Curt Deck Chair lets you sit in style…

Curt Deck Chair 1 500x339 Curt Deck Chair

An incredible design by Bernard Burkard Product Design has redefined deck chairs as you know it. In a crazy twist of ingenuity, the Curt Deck Chair does not have back legs. It looks a bit risky but it actually is very stable and provides immense comfort. It leans against a wall or rails and the anti-slip coated stand provides a safe grip on every surface.

Curt Deck Chair 2 500x339 Curt Deck Chair

The Curt Deck Chair is made from woods such as ash and beech. Sit pretty in a chair that defies the laws of physics. One thing is for sure it looks very cool – consider it a form of futuristic sitting.

Curt Deck Chair 3 500x339 Curt Deck Chair

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