Wacky Wine Weekend Another Huge Success

Written by Brianna Smity

The Robertson Wine Valley’s ever-popular Wacky Wine Weekend, which took place over the weekend of 2-5 June, was a rip-roaring success, boasting around 18,400 festival-goers who descended on the wineries.


The 50 wineries who showcased their wares recorded significant wine sales, and many of the key attractions witnessed great attendances; with 800 people taking part in the mountain bike challenge and 1,000 running the marathon. Sell-out shows included the Wacky Wedding at Duvon Wines, Chris Chameleon at Weltevrede Estate, D7 Live at Graham Beck Wines, and the Winter Market, as always, was popular.

All the accommodation was fully booked, and the very brave camped again this year at the new camping site at Ashton Cellar and two temporary sites at Arabella and Robertson High School, plus all the usual permanent camping sites.



Even the weather, with showers on Saturday afternoon and evening, did not stop the visitors from having a Wacky time and festival-goers once again expressed their delight at the overall quality of the 2011 festival; from delicious culinary offerings to parking, to cleanliness and neatness of the sites and bathroom facilities, to the notable efficiency, amicability and hospitality of their hosts.

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