Tiesto Live in South Africa

Image Tiesto Live
Written by Brianna Smity

Tiesto is one of the greatest and well-known DJs in the world and he will be performing live in South Africa.

Smirnoff Experience™ is fast becoming the world’s top collaboration platform with appearances in Paris, Moscow, London and New York. On the 15th of May 2010 it will be coming to South Africa in the form of “Mashup Street”.

Image Tiesto Live

The “Mashup Street” theme, created for South Africa, celebrates the collaboration between South African street cultures and popular music genres to create a one-of-a-kind music experience. The popular theme also extends to collaboration between fashion, food, art and even drinks. Smirnoff Experience™ “Mashup Street” is a place where kwaito vibes with preppy, Afro-funk hangs with goth and pop chills with the house.

To make it an even greater occasion Tiesto will be there after his success with genre-bending collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Three 6 Mafia, Calvin Harris, Tegan & Sara, as well as remixes of Muse, Bloc Party and The Editors. Tiësto is also pleased to announce a very special collaboration with one of South Africa’s hottest new bands, BLK JKS.

South Africa won the honour of hosting the Smirnoff Experience™ in a closely-contested international campaign that involved 140 countries.

Now we are sure you want to know how much tickets will cost and where you can get them… Well, you can’t buy them. Tickets are only going to be given away at www.smirnoffexperience.co.za. So what are you waiting for? Register and stand the chance to be a part of the biggest “mash-up” of music, fashion, food, art and drinks.

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