Behind every classic television series are the central characters that make them so. This list wasn’t very easy to compile in rating order, mainly because there are so many amazing individuals that leave us craving for more action from them and their series. We’ve gathered some all-around opinions and can with certainty say this Top 10 List will have you nodding your head in agreement… and probably at the same time rehearsing some famous catchphrases in your head.

10. Charles “Chuck” Bartowski – Chuck (Zachary Levi)

Chuck accidentally became “The Intercept”, which turned him into an overnight spy. He can successfully execute anything, from salsa dancing, linguistics, Master Chef skills or Kung Fu, all by enforcing a “flash”.  Amazingly, this makes it possible for him to retrieve the relevant information from the computer that’s now inside his mind. He leads a complete double life, as a techie from the Buy More store as part of the Nerd Herd, and also as a dangerous spy, Mr Carmichael. Oh, and he SO got the hot girl too.

9. Thomas Magnum – Magnum P.I. (Tom Selleck)

No one rocked the moustache and floral button shirts with very tight cut-off denim shorts quite like the ex-Navy Seal turned P.I., Magnum. Employed to maintain security at Master Robins’ estate, he seems to take more pleasure in testing his boundaries with Higgins. Find him scouting for an expensive bottle of wine in the cellar he shouldn’t be in, driving the Ferrari he doesn’t own or bringing ladies home to a condo he’s not the owner of. He occasionally solves a case or two, using more of his charm than his skill.

8. Angus MacGyver – MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson)


Give this man a stick of gum, a toothpick, your hair gel and some dust off your shoe and he will somehow create an explosion from that which will blast the handcuffs off your wrists and turn your mullet into an impressive comb-over – all this without doing any bodily damage, we might add. He will, however, need his trusty pocket knife to complete the task. Every man’s childhood hero was at some stage MacGyver.

7. Sheldon Cooper – Big Bang Theory (Jim Parsons)

You’ve gotta love this fantasy role-playing scientist who has a logical or algorithmic solution to everything, from an atomic bomb to purchasing the right sweater. Don’t sit in his chair, change his daily breakfast menu or the scheduled take-out menu, this will leave you with a very dissatisfied and vocal Sheldon, expressing in more than one way how you’ve upset the ebb and flow of things. With all his intellect, this quirky genius cannot muster the brawn to drive himself anywhere, and coining the term “Bazinga”, he is hugely comical and legendary.

6. Horatio Caine – CSI Miami (David Caruso)


“Bloodline” –When the call girl, Anna (Paula Garces), Horatio (David Caruso) tried to help wakes up in a pool of blood next to her dead “John”, the CSIs must determine if this girl is not as innocent as she appears on CSI: MIAMI, Monday, April 9, (10:00-11:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television network. Photo: Ron Jaffe/CBS ©2007 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Known for his cool, calm and collected demeanour, Horatio Caine has the ability to converse in a mono tone voice, always. He has the gift to remove his trusty shades with ease and finesse and is infamous for addressing criminals by their surnames, all whilst having his gun drawn at any given opportunity. If we ever have a case that needs to be solved, we’d like this Ginger Ninja on the job.

5. Denny Crane – Boston Legal (William Shatner)

Quirky, crazy and very unorthodox. He constantly has a sexual harassment case pending, but this lawyer and his partner can pull off the most unspeakable stunts in the courtroom or office and, due to his deteriorating mind, he gets away with almost everything.

4. Dexter Morgan – Dexter (Michael C Hall)

Slicing is the name of the game for this CSI “Blood Man”. Nothing peaks excitement in his day quite like a crime scene riddled with blood spatter. Very meticulous and precise, there is no room for error in his hobby for extinguishing the scum of the earth, one bloody slide at a time. He studies and stalks his prey in detail before he plans their extermination. Serial killer or defender of the helpless, you decide?!

3. Henry James “Hank” Moody – Californication (David Duchovny)

There actually isn’t much more that I can say to sum up this chap other than sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. The esteemed writer names all his novels after “Slayer” albums, and funnily enough he always finds himself embroiled in some sort of sexual scandal. A witty womanizer that can’t avoid a life filled with countless sexual triumphs and life in the fast lane.

2. Ariel “Ari” Gold – Entourage (Jeremy Piven)

This Jewish, walking sexual innuendo, wife controlled Hollywood agent is actually based on the real-life agent Ari Emanuel. The series is produced by Mark Wahlberg, represented by Emanuel (in the series Gold), and brings to light the typical happenings in the movie industry of Hollywood. Ari, who constantly runs is mouth off about swimsuit models and whores, has actually never cheated on his wife and “loves a liar, hates a cheater.” He did a real Jerry Maguire when he left his previous company, dragging his ever faithful, but very colourful PA, Lloyd, with him. The highlight of his day revolves mostly around hurling abuse at his oversensitive help or the likes of Eric “E”.

1. Barney Stinson – How I Met Your Mother (Neil Patrick Harris)


“Legen- wait for it -dary”, “Challenge Accepted”, “Suit Up”. Barney Stinson is quite possibly the grandmaster in womanising, known for the most epic catchphrases, and always accepts a challenge – even if no-one put one on the table. Creator of the “Playbook”, he is completely against the concept of sleepovers or lunch with a female counterpart. A well-deserved high five for making it to number one on this list, all purely because he’s published books such as “The Bro Code”, has an actual blog site, and well, just because he never gets sad, he just gets awesome…