Jessica Stam

Written by Brianna Smity
jessica stam1 Jessica StamOne of the most striking women we have featured, Jessica Stam has the kind of looks and those eyes that pull you in and keep you locked on her, without distraction elsewhere. She established herself so well early on in her career that she earned the one-word name “Stam”. Already labelled a supermodel she still has a long career ahead of her and we can only hope to see more of her. Born in Kincardine, Ontario on April 23 1986, Jessica, who has six brothers, grew up on a Canadian farm. She wanted to become a dentist as a youngster, but it seems bigger and better things awaiting her and her beauty seemed to have taken her to places she never considered. Imagine having something this beautiful as your dentist… wow.

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Hey! My name is Brianna Smity and I'm majoring in Integrative Public Relations and minoring in Multimedia Design at University of Southern California ( I love drawing and painting and I spend a lot of my time outdoors, more specifically on the water. I love to paddle board, boat, kayak, rollerblade, and bike. I LIVE for dogs and I would own 500 if I could. I have a black lab puppy named Luna and I miss her everyday I'm here at CMU. I love to listen to music, my taste is pretty diverse, but I am especially into 90s pop and alternative. My guilty pleasure is watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, yes I know, but I am ADDICTED. My ultimate goal is to hopefully run social media platforms for a large company such as Victoria's Secret or Kylie Cosmetics.

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