Crystal Renn was a plus-size model from Mississippi and the highest-paid plus-size hot stepper on the scene.

Crystal Renn 4 500x302 Crystal Renn

When she was 14, a modelling scout spotted her and advised her to lose a lot of weight, about 50 pounds. She took his advice and began to shed the weight but unfortunately her obsession to drop the weight snowballed into anorexia.

A diet reassessment did wonders for her as she beat the dreaded disease and began to gain weight. Years later, after packing on a much fuller figure, her modelling agent prompted her to re-emerge as a plus-size model and she then appeared in Vogue and has done work for the like of Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Gautier amongst others.


She encourages people to be comfortable with their bodies. Her story is inspiring and her voluptuous body and ample curves made her a fan favourite.

More recently she lost a lot of weight and featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (2011), gaining much press attention, but ultimately she showed that she is beautiful at any size…

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