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Anime series comes from the English word animation and originated from Japan. In previous times anime was produced by japan and for them only as a native product but now it is fascinating for millions of users internationally. it is far unique from cartoons because unlike cartoons it is not just for humour and satire but also works in-depth with human emotions as well as real-life issues and that is what makes it more interesting for this generation.

Why Watching Online Anime Is So popular?

Anime series is not only made for kids but is too popular among teenagers as well because it is tough to predict by watching the ending of them for which age group it is targeted. Things make it so unique and popular.

Some most popular and favourite anime series are Attack on Titan, Naruto, Log Horizon, etc, and as these series are very popular so one needs the best websites to watch them with proper access to them. So here are 15 free anime websites to watch the best anime online.

Best 15 Website to Watch Anime Online Free



This is for those not only who just want to watch anime series but also up to download this as it allows you to download any series. The best thing about this streaming although after having more than 25000 shows if you still cannot find the one you want to watch then just put a request in it and soon they will upload the one you wish for.

The shows on this website are beautifully categorized for your convenience and it is free of cost.

Website link-


crunchyroll free amine online

After the release of this website, it became the most fascinating for the users as they started liking it much more. This website is not only limited to anime series but also has many series in different languages.

This website has both free and premium versions for users but if you do not watch it on a daily basis then you must go for the free version and this website has millions of paid subscribers due to the quality of this website.

Website link-

3. Funimation

funimation free online anime

It is the best-proven website that has English audio rather than foreign audio which makes it comfortable for users and is an American company by which anime lovers can enjoy unlimited anime series free of cost.

The only difficulty you will face while streaming anime series from this website is that you have to face ads while watching. it has the advantage to view on two devices for premium subscribers.

Website link-


gogoanime free online anime watch

It is a unique streaming website because it has seven servers to stream and also allows you to download with its default server. It consists of a chat room as well to talk with people using gogo anime.

It has different kinds of genres in it like horror, drama, and action, etc, and also shows you recent popular dubbed series at the top which makes the user experience more comfortable in using it.

 website link-

5. AnimeFreak


It has attractive features which bring user interest towards it in a very effective way where you can get the latest information about your favourite anime series and so get updated with trends.

It allows you to watch as much content you want and is a much better platform for anime lovers.

Website link –

6. Chia-Anime

chia-anime free anime online

This website has some different features to bring which consists of not only free streaming service but also consists of anime soundtracks which makes it more fascinating.

It has a beautiful interface by which you can search for any anime you want with less effort and struggle.

Website link-

7. AnimeDao

AnimeDao - free anime online website

It is another free website that contains free and stays always updated with new series. It has great loading speed and an easily accessible view for all the series so you can find both the dubbed and subbed version of anime here.

Website link-

8. Tubi TV

tubitv watch anime online free

It has no premium service as all the content of anime series is free to all users. The content of all the videos is with high resolution and here you can easily bookmark the interesting series to watch later.

Website link-

9. Soul Anime

Soul Anime watch anime online free

It is also a website that is easy to navigate and has free content only with all the anime series you want to see and also does not irritate you with ads. The shows which aired one hour ago can also be seen by this website in high resolution.

But the drawback of this website is the unpleasant look which makes people switch to another website.

Website link-

10. Anime Planet

Anime Planet watch anime online free

Anime-Planet was made a long time back and is professionally well designed to attract anime lovers by which one can join the anime community also to meet people with the same interest and likes.

Its design seems paid but it is free of cost which lists according to your interest and consists of the details of the most loving as well as hatred characters of the series along with reviews.

Website link-

11. Hulu

When you get a Hulu account as a premium subscriber then not only do you get nice movies and beautiful content but also all the series of anime with proper categorization and rating of it.

The best thing about the Hulu streaming service is that it is compatible with all devices with offline streaming and online recording feature.

Website link-

12. AnimeLab

This website is easy to use and reasonable for the fans living in Australia and New Zealand with the best features and qualities. It works on multiple devices and can be easy to access and navigate for all anime is free of cost for all and the latest episodes can be seen hassle-free.

It consists of many categories included mostly searched, popular and last seen, etc to the users on the home screen.

Website link-

13. Netflix

Netflix is the most demanding and best platform for the fans of any series all over the world so it has anime series also which includes whole anime content either may be old or new shows. Most popular shows like Death Note and others are also available on this platform.

The best thing about NetFlix is that it is globally available to reach every person who wants to watch anime with easy access and high-resolution content. The first 30 days are demo on NetFlix so what are you waiting for?

Website link-

14. KissAnime

This website is an amazing platform for users looking for action, comedy, sci-fi, horror, comedy, and much more. You can watch any anime show and save it.

It is not essential to make an account here but if you want to arrange your likes then it is advised to build an account over it.


free online website for anime

Countv permits to watch animation movies including comics and anime over any device. It has an updated anime library with uncut videos of anime shows. You need to subscribe as a premium user as a free user only permitted with limited content.

Website link-

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